Thursday 9-21 BEER RELEASE -Fresh From the Yard 2023 – WET HOPPED

THURSDAY September 21st!

Refreshing, golden pale in color, with low bitterness, medium body. Hopped with Cascade fresh hops from Four Star Farms, Northfield, MA. Featuring layers of subtle, yet complex hop character that can only be found in fresh hopped brews at harvest time, floral, spice citrus qualities and grassiness.
What are‘ fresh hops’? These are hops that are picked from the bine and we brew with them on the SAME day. Our brewing schedule and the harvest schedule create the match! This year we are excited to brew with the hops that made hops famous and defined the American Pale Ale style, Cascade! We’ve once again chosen to be unexpected with our choice wet hopping an American Cream Ale and love this years “love connection”! Get it while it’s fresh!

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